Perth, Western Australia


30 Jul 2019

Commercial Skip Bins

Whether it’s for commercial or industrial purposes, skips are undoubtedly your best choice for disposing of waste materials. Here are some factors you can benefit from hiring skip bins:1) Safe and Secure Building or Construction SiteWe all know that large quantities of wastes are normal on buildings under construction. If you own or manage a construction site, it will put your workers at higher risk of injuries due to accidents caused by not having a proper rubbish disposal method. Prevent these from happening by having a skip bin hire to colle...

12 Jun 2019

Skip Bins

If you’re a Perth homeowner or business with a lot of waste, you know that your bins can quickly fill up. So, just what is the limit? And how do you get more? As we’ll see, local services have considerable restrictions (maybe you need a skip?):Residential Waste Disposal in PerthIf you’re a Perth resident, your rates include a fee that covers the collection of general waste and recycling. Some areas (currently Crawley and Nedlands) also receive a fortnightly green waste collection service. The total capacity is:240L General Waste (weekly)240L Re...

05 Apr 2019

Skip Bins

Waste is piling up, and you need to get rid of it – should you hire a skip bin? If you’re even asking the question, the answer is probably yes! Below we’ve picked out the top seven benefits of using a skip bin:Benefit 1: Cost-Effective For Short-Term Needs - Using a van to make multiple visits to the local recycling facility is neither practical nor cost-efficient. With many sizes to choose from, a skip is a practical way of getting the short-term waste clearance you need for a low cost.Benefit 2: Saves Time - Without a skip, you’ll need t...

15 Feb 2019

Skip Bins

Skip bins are used regularly for storage and transport of waste created by commercial or residential projects. By using a good Skip bin service, not only you save time and money, but also can ensure that your work area is safe, and the waste will be disposed of securely. The businesses in the Perth area only trust our professionals at Skip Bins to help them with all their waste management needs.Here are why Perth businesses only use Just Skips WA for their waste management needs?1. We give you the best price - We make sure that our customers ge...

01 Jan 2019

Skip Bin Hire

Skip bins provide us with the proper help and disposal of garbages. Skip bins also take part in making your house as clean and neat as possible. Without the support of skip bins, waste disposal could be unsanitary and at the same time, hazardous for everyone exposed to the messYou can hire skip bins anytime if you think you need complete general cleaning. Skip bins can be a massive help. It can store anything, like the general waste, waste from households, construction, and gardens. It can also store wood, rocks, leaves, clippings, green debris...