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05 Apr 2019

Skip Bins

Waste is piling up, and you need to get rid of it – should you hire a skip bin? If you’re even asking the question, the answer is probably yes! Below we’ve picked out the top seven benefits of using a skip bin:

Benefit 1: Cost-Effective For Short-Term Needs - Using a van to make multiple visits to the local recycling facility is neither practical nor cost-efficient. With many sizes to choose from, a skip is a practical way of getting the short-term waste clearance you need for a low cost.

Benefit 2: Saves Time - Without a skip, you’ll need to dispose of your rubbish using your own van (or a hired one). On the face of it, this seems cheaper, but how much is your time worth? You’ll need to load it up, drive it to the local waste facility, queue up (and we all know how long that can take), and then unload and drive back – and you’ll have to do that multiple times. 

With a skip, all you need to do is fill it up, saving a huge amount of time.

Benefit 3: Correct and Legal Disposal of Waste - When you sort out your waste yourself, you are legally responsible for ensuring it is disposed of correctly and legally. For those who don’t dispose of waste regularly, this can be an added complication and stress.

When you hire a skip bin, the company you hire it from takes on that responsibility and you no longer need to worry about it – it becomes somebody else’s problem!

Benefit 4: Good For The Environment - When you dispose of your own waste, you’ll need to sort it and recycle the different materials. Not only does this take time, but if you’re not an expert you’re likely to miss a few things (or put a few things in that can’t be recycled – just as bad). Because we deal with waste every day, we ensure that everything that can be recycled, is, which is good for the environment.

Benefit 5: Reduce Handling Time For Your Employees/Family - When you dispose of rubbish yourself, your employees (or family) must handle each piece of waste multiple times before it is disposed of. Each time someone handles this waste, there’s a risk of injury. Using a skip cuts down on risk for you and those around you: touch it once, put it in, then forget about it.

Benefit 6: Keep Home or Business Clean and Hazard-Free - It’s not just your employees or family that are at risk from all that waste. Without a skip, unsightly piles of rubbish can quickly mount up. If a customer or another person gets hurt because of this rubbish, you could be liable. Additionally, even if there is no hazard, piles of rubbish are bad for your brand and unpopular with your neighbours. Skips won’t win any design awards, but they’re a lot better than a disordered pile of rubbish! 

Benefit 7: Stress-Free End-to-End Service - When you hire a skip bin, you’re getting more than just a bin. You get a complete end-to-end expert disposal service for your waste. It’s peace of mind that your waste is being disposed of correctly, ethically and legally and that you don’t have to do anything about it.

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15 Feb 2019

Skip Bins

Skip bins are used regularly for storage and transport of waste created by commercial or residential projects. By using a good Skip bin service, not only you save time and money, but also can ensure that your work area is safe, and the waste will be disposed of securely. The businesses in the Perth area only trust our professionals at Skip Bins to help them with all their waste management needs.

Here are why Perth businesses only use Just Skips for their waste management needs?

1. We give you the best price - We make sure that our customers get the absolute best price and we constantly check our competitor’s prices to guarantee the best prices in the city! We also save you time and hassle by handling all the aspects of garbage disposal for you, so you can concentrate on your project.

2. We work around your schedule - We understand that your project has strict timelines and we will make sure that all your needs are met on time. Our professional crew provides fast service to ensure that you can stay on task. We are available to you 7 days a week!

3. We will accommodate your changes too - We know that projects requirements can change from time to time and you may need a different delivery or pickup time or a different container size and our team is dedicated to ensure that you have access to the services you need.

4. We care about the environment - To ensure that the waste does not affect the environment negatively, we follow strict guidelines on waste disposal and take all measures of caution.

5. We are a family company - As a family run business want you to have the best service possible from our family to yours. , we know how valuable your time and resources are and what needs your family or business may have.

6. We are a 100% Australian company - We believe in giving our countrymen the best service and strive to make you proud. To make sure we comply with all local rules we always stay up to date on the local council regulations for disposing of domestic or commercial waste.

At Just Skips we are passionate about providing our customers with the most convenient and reliable waste management services at the best price, so do not hesitate to give us a call next time you have things to get rid of.

01 Jan 2019

Skip Bin Hire

Skip bins provide us with the proper help and disposal of garbages. Skip bins also take part in making your house as clean and neat as possible. Without the support of skip bins, waste disposal could be unsanitary and at the same time, hazardous for everyone exposed to the mess.

You can hire skip bins anytime if you think you need complete general cleaning. Skip bins can be a massive help. It can store anything, like the general waste, waste from households, construction, and gardens. It can also store wood, rocks, leaves, clippings, green debris, concrete, metal, bricks, soil, etc, However, there are a few things that are not allowed to be thrown in a skip bin. These are hazardous chemicals, asbestos, tires, and food.

Hiring a skip bin is the most appropriate garbage disposal method in the Western part of Australia. Our experts will handle everything in no time, leaving you satisfied with the results. This is very necessary because uncollected garbage can ultimately contribute to sickness and creating an unsafe environment. Skip bins are safe and an eco-friendly way of disposing waste materials. You also don’t have to pay extra for the transport of your disposal. Just Skips aims to give you the most convenient and hassle-free disposal. 

Just Skips is a family owned business, and we know what it’s like to face and manage waste disposal problems to protect our loved ones. Our cost-effective processes save you the time, money and energy for other important responsibilities. We are available seven days a week, making us the company that could give you the assistance you need any time. Our services are in the utmost quality and high-speed level, at the same time observing high sanitary standards and more importantly, adhering to strict guidelines on proper waste disposal.

Everybody can use the help of skip bins anytime and anywhere since we’re only a phone call away. Helping a lot of people through the years since its production, skip bins has never disappointed anyone who has experienced our help.

If you need an expert team to handle your waste and rubbish without paying too much – contact us today or phone us at 08-9295-6677.