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How Much Does Skip Bin Hire Cost

  • Skip Bin Hire

Hiring a skip bin is an easy and direct way to remove trash when you are renovating, remodelling, relocating, or simply want to get rid of some waste that has been on your land or property for too long. 

When using a professional skip bin service, you’ll know that your waste is being properly taken care of so you stay in line with the (many) rules and regulations surrounding rubbish disposal. It’s harder to dispose of waste properly than you might think!

We’re going to run you through all of the factors that affect skip bin hire cost and the instances where you’ll need a skip bin. The good news is that smaller bins can be hired for $150-400 per day including transportation, and these are suitable for most smaller residential projects. However, the exact cost will largely depend on the type of waste to be removed, not just the size.

In what instances is it worth it to hire a skip bin?

If you ever need to get rid of waste, then the simple skip bin is the way to go. It’s affordable and efficient, and you can effortlessly remove all of your rubbish for eco-friendly recycling.

Common reasons that a skip bin hire will be needed include:

  • Warehouses and facilities that produce lots of waste material
  • Commercial establishments
  • Construction sites
  • Home remodels, renovations, and relocations
  • Home extensions
  • Garden landscaping with lots of green waste
  • Garage cleanouts
  • Garage conversions

There are many more situations where you could conceivably hire a skip bin. If you have waste that needs to be removed, for whatever reason, the skip bin is the way to go. 

Factors affecting skip bin hire cost

The price of hiring a skip bin is not 100% static. A lot depends on your unique project and requirements, and there are multiple criteria that affect the cost of hiring a skip bin. Such factors include:

  • Waste type - There are different types of waste and different costs for each. Some are much heavier and more dangerous to dispose of than others.
  • Size - You may have a lot of rubbish and need a bigger bin to match. This will cost far more as the size of bin needed is a major determinant in overall cost. 
  • Time - How long you hire the bin for will also have an impact on what you pay for it. Typically, most people will only hire for one or two days as it makes little sense to pay for bins to hang around. 
  • Location - The bin will typically be delivered to you and taken away. If you are located in a hard-to-access or far away location, it will cost more. 
  • Weight - Weights will impact delivery times and increase disposal difficulty. Different machines may be required for different skip bins. 

Of all the factors, waste type and bin size are the most relevant. This is because there are different approaches to the disposal of different types of rubbish. Also, the bigger the size, the more difficult to dispose of the items, generally speaking. 

Typical prices for skip bin hire

The skip bin hire cost will vary on multiple factors, as outlined above. However, the following table should give you an indication of what you can expect to pay for bins of various sizes and for various types of material.

These are starting prices only, and there could easily be further costs. If you are far away from the provider or waste disposal facility, the overall costs will be higher as the bins need to be delivered and can be quite heavy and awkward. The prices below reflect the cost of a one-day hire including transportation and disposal.

You will pay more if the bin is needed for a longer time period, but it won’t be a multiplication of the below prices. So, while you might pay $240 for a one-day hire of a 2m3 light and mixed skip, you may only have to pay $300 or so for a two-day hire. Remember that the idea is to get a skip bin and have the trash taken away as soon as possible. Don’t let the rubbish hang around - remove it as quickly as you can!

Waste Type




5m3 (walk-in)

10m3 (walk-in)

Light and Mixed

$230 - $250

$280 - $320 

$325 - $375

$400 - $450

$750 - $850

Heavy Material

$300 - $350

$400 - $500

$500 - $650

$600 - $700

$1,000 - $1,200

Brick and Rubble

$150 - $200

$200 - $230

$240 - $300

$300 - $400

$450 - $550

Dirt and Soil

$160 - $200

$200 - $250

$250 - $350

$300 - $400

$500 - $600

100% Green

$200 - $240

$240 - $280

$280 - $350

$300 - $400

$600 - $700

100% Concrete

$160 - $240

$190 - $220

$225 - $275

$280 - $320

$400 - $550

How can I reduce the cost of skip bin hire?

There are certain things that you can consider if you’re looking to reduce the cost of hiring a skip bin. The first would be to properly break up all of your material so that it is as compact as it can be. If you are disposing of old furniture, break it up into tiny pieces and put it into black bags or similar. This will save on space, and you can benefit from hiring a smaller skip bin. Size of skip bin is a major determinant of overall price. Be as efficient as possible. 

Of course, the best thing you can do to reduce the cost of skip bin hire is to work with a professional company that is dedicated to providing affordable skip bin prices. There is great variance in bin pricing, and you want to work with an established provider that deals exclusively in waste management. 

This will get you the best prices and also ensure that your waste is properly disposed of. They will also assist in terms of providing the right sized bin for your needs. 

How do I know what size skip bin I need?

It can be tempting to get a smaller skip bin in order to cut down on the final price. But this is actually a terrible way to reduce costs. What often happens is that people underestimate the amount of rubbish that they actually need to get rid of. 

The end result is that they need to hire a second skip to remove the rubbish! 

So what happens is that a customer might try to save $20 and end up paying around $250 for an additional skip bin. It’s helpful to know that the 2m3 sized bin is appropriate for the vast majority of smaller projects at home such as minor renovations. 

If, however, you have a larger project or simply have a garage load of waste to get through, it might be worth it to get the larger size just in case. There is a tendency to underestimate rather than overestimate. Regardless, remember to break up the rubbish as much as possible. This will result in more waste going into the same skip. 

Does a regular household really need to hire a skip bin?

Absolutely. In fact, hiring a mini skip bin is a great way to help the environment because you can get rid of old materials quickly and efficiently. If you have any kind of minor project such as a garden renovation, remodel, or conversion, you’re likely to have waste materials lying around. A professional team can drop a skip bin to your door, collect the waste materials if needed, and dispose of the rubbish. You don’t even have to get off the couch for it!

If you do any kind of home construction project, the reality is that you need a skip bin service. Most of the construction workers will not be bothered with safety, efficiency, and green rubbish disposal. They are just aiming to get the job done. In the end, you might be left with a nice home improvement but also a lot of waste. 

The beauty is that you can hire a skip bin as you need it. Whenever you have piled up waste that is too much for your regular trash bins (or is not environmentally appropriate), you can simply hire a skip bin to get rid of it. 

Can I hire a skip bin for all types of waste?

Skin bin providers have skips for most types of waste, but there are some products that you may not be able to easily dispose of. In these cases, you will have to dispose of it yourself or hire a specialist. Items that are never meant to be thrown into a skip include:

  • Food and organic materials
  • Tree stumps
  • Oil
  • Water-based paint
  • Glass bottles

There are special recycling options for all of these products. Asbestos and other chemicals are also not meant to go into skip bins as they are hazardous to human health. 

Don’t be irresponsible - if you throw food into a skip bin, it's going to start to rot and become a health hazard, and it’s not pleasant for other people to deal with. 

Getting the best skip bin prices in Perth

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With a large variety of skip bin sizes, you only pay for the exact one that you need. And if you’re unsure about any aspect of waste management, we’ll fill you in on the relevant details. 

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