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Cheap skip bins services you can rely on from start to finish, 6 days a week!

We're Perth's skip bin hire provider with extensive experience working with residential, commercial, & industrial sectors for over a decade. We offer skip bin solutions to projects like home improvements, general waste cleaning management, debris removal, and a lot more.

What makes our cheap skip bins services different?

1. Super easy to hire

2. Easy to use & hassle-free

3. Variety of bin sizes to choose from

5. Environmental friendly

6. Quick & friendly customer support

7. Clean and safe waste disposal

8. We strongly abide to Australia's Waste Management Policy

9. Email Booking 24/7.

10. We pick up and deliver 6 days a week.

Why should you hire cheap skip bin experts?

Disposing of waste is an incredibly exhausting process. The majority of you must be tending to keep it aside and throw it away later. However, this practice is not good, and in the long run, you'll end up paying more to companies that will collect the piling up rubbish in your home.

On construction sites, workers don't have enough time to think about debris and waste management. They are more concern about the progress of their construction project. However, while construction is ongoing, waste, trash and unwanted materials are also piling up, which requires to be collected and thrown to garbage sites, and this is where you need skip bins solutions - and we are here for you!

Every renovation and construction projects, big or small, requires skip bins specialists. As experts on waste management, we can quickly and easily get rid of the trash around worksites without any hassle. This is what we are excellent at - so if you are in need of cheap skip bins provider near you, give us a call at 08-9295-6677 or send us an online enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sizes available on our cheap skip bins Perth

  • 2m³
  • 3m³
  • 4m³
  • 6m³
  • 10m³


Our cheap skip bins Perth are applicable to:

  • Home improvements
  • Residential Projects
  • Real Estate Projects
  • Commercial Constructions
  • Landscaping & Gardening
  • Property Maintenance
  • Industrial Projects
  • Construction sites
  • Debris Removal
  • Small & Large Renovation Projects
  • General Cleaning & Waste Management

What you CAN put in our bins: ✔General Waste ✔ Household Waste ✔Construction Waste ✔Garden Waste ✔ Leaves ✔ Branches ✔ Clippings ✔ Wood ✔Gyprock ✔ Metal ✔ Concrete ✔ Bricks ✔ Pavers ✔ Soil ✔ Tiles ✔Clippings

What you CAN'T put in our skip bins: ✔ Hazardous Chemicals ✔ Tyres ✔ Asbestos ✔ Food

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Ready to work with us call us at 08-9295-6677 or click here to request for a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Can I Put in the Skip Bin? Our cheap skip bins take the mixed waste. Which means you can put anything in except ASBESTOS, CHEMICALS, FOOD AND CAR TYRES.

2. I have items that are not permitted in the skip, how do I get rid of them? We can help you with the disposal of these items, but there are extra charges involved.

3. I am not finished and my pickup day is tomorrow? If you ring and let us know, we can arrange for the skip bin to be left longer. Do not leave it until we are picking up the skip as there will be an extra charge of $50 for us to come back again.

If you have any questions about Skip Bin Services, visit our FAQs page here.

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Testimonial: "Very reliable. Lesley in the office is friendly and kind to talk. Skips are dropped off and picked up promptly."

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