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Skip Bin Hire Perth - Clean, Fast and Cost-Efficient

Skip bin hire Perth - we're available six days a week!

Are you looking for affordable, fast and efficient skip bin hire services in Perth, WA? We've got you covered! 

For over ten years, we've been providing an efficient way to remove waste materials and maintain a clean site to any property in Perth, WA. We utilise the open-top container, specially designed for waste storage both for small and large applications. You can use our skip bins for a vast range of applications like: ✔ Home Improvements ✔ Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects ✔ Real Estate ✔ Landscaping & Property Maintenance ✔ Construction Sites ✔ Debris Removal ✔ General Cleaning ✔ Spring Cleaning ✔ House Moving

Whether you're working on a DIY home renovation, working in construction, landscaping, or merely doing spring cleaning, your home can quickly become a mess. Worksites become cluttered with rubbish, debris, and most types of construction waste. Without proper waste removal, this can be hazardous, annoying and make your job even more difficult and complicated. This is why we are here to help!

Some of the most commonly asked questions from our customers are:

I'm not finished yet with filling up my skip bin, and my pick up day is tomorrow, what should I do? It usually happens, and we want to inform you that we understand this situation. If you are in this situation, we encourage you to call us and tell us about your concern, and we can arrange for the best solutions for your current skip bin needs. Do not leave it until we are picking up the skip.

What are your skip bin sizes? Our bin sizes are 2m³ | 3m³ | 4m³ | 6m³ | 10m³. We could provide you with the right skip bin that suits your needs, so feel free to call us on 08-9295-6677 or book online on our website.

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When do you need to hire Skip Bins in Perth? 

Learn more about stuff you cannot put in your skip bins in our post.

Perth's waste bins solutions at affordable prices. 

Mini skip bins Perth available 6 days a week.

Safe, Fast & Hassle-free Cheap Skip Bins Services To Perth Homeowners & Businesses. 

Whatever sizes of bins you need we can provide it at affordable rates.

Our Skip Bin Hire Perth 

Skip bin hire is one of the busiest businesses in the industry, and Just Skips WA is here to help!

Every year, the average family in Australia produces rubbish approximately 2.25 kg of waste each per day. Australian people threw away $2.9 billion of fresh food and generated an estimated 140,000 tons of e-waste per year. However, only 4% of it is recycled, and this is what makes our skip bins solutions genuinely essential to Perth homes and businesses. We wanted to help it's why we keep striving to deliver the highest quality service to Perth homes and businesses.

Our Guarantee to you!

- A vast range of skip bins to choose from

- Super easy to hire

- Super easy to load 100% satisfaction guarantee

- Affordable prices

- Fast, efficient, hassle-free We're insured, licensed, and highly trained

What make us different?

✔ Family owned & 100% Australian operated business - Our Western Australian, the family-owned company, have been supplying skip bins to the Perth metro for years. When you rent a skip from us, you are not only helping a local business, but you're working with highly trained, trustworthy, and reliable team.

✔ A wide selection of bins to choose from - We offer a wide variety of skip bin hire solutions and service all major suburbs in the Perth metropolitan area. Whether you're looking mini or large skips, we have the right size that fits your needs and budget. Please note that we are always on time, and we work with your budget.

✔ Environmentally friendly - We help fight Global Warming. We genuinely care, and we adhere to the waste management policy of Australia. For garbage that can be recycled, we make sure we put them into their appropriate container.

✔ Clean as we go - We are a team of professionals, and we always operate safely and cleanly.

✔ Cost-effective solutions - We offer a practical and cost-effective solution to remove waste from a worksite or residential property. Our prices vary depending on what size skip bin you need depending on whether you require one of our mini skips or our larger bins. The rate also varies on how long will you need our skip bins.

✔ Fast, free quotes - guaranteed - We guarantee a fast, free quote to all our customers. We make sure to get back to your queries as fast as possible.

✔ Affordable prices without compromise - We pride ourselves on providing skip bins of all sizes at affordable prices - we offer the prices you cannot resist!

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Call us today on 08 9295 6677 or fill out our online form for a quote. 

What You Can & Can't Put In Our Bins

What you CAN put in our bins: • General Waste • Household Waste • Construction Waste • Garden Waste • Leaves • Branches • Clippings • Wood • Gyprock • Metal • Concrete • Bricks • Pavers • Soil • Tiles • Clippings

What you CAN'T put in our skip bins: • Hazardous Chemicals • Tyres • Asbestos • Food

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Over decades of experience in providing skips hire solutions throughout Western Australia.

Genuinely Care

We make sure we do our job with ease. We truly care and we highly value the safety of our customers, team, and the environment.


We value your time, money and effort – before accepting any waste disposal job; we see to it that customers are transparent with all the dealings involve in our implementation.


We offer alternative solutions that work with our clients’ needs and preferences. We provide suggestions and advice if needed without asking for additional charges.

Cost Effective

Our bin hire solutions are cost-effective, safe, reliable, fast, hassle-free and flexible.

Zero Hassle

We provide zero-hassle skip hire services all throughout WA 6 days a week.