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How To Use Your Skip Bin For The Ultimate Spring Clean: An Expert Guide

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The sun is shining and the world has opened up a little—but while getting out there and enjoying some seasonal fun is no doubt top on your to-do list—there is still time for a good old spring clean.

If you’re looking to declutter your home and start anew, hiring a solid skip bin will not only make life a whole lot easier but it will also play an essential role in your spring cleaning success.

As one of Perth’s leading skip bin experts, we know a thing or two on the subject and we’re going to share a few pearls of wisdom with you now.

Why should I use a skip bin for spring cleaning?

There are many benefits to using a skip for your spring cleaning efforts—these include:

  • Convenience: To hire a skin bin, or you need to book it in! Any Perth skip bin expert (like us) worth their salt will pick up and drop off your desired skip bin, saving you time and effort in the process. Oh, in case you were wondering what happens to the rubbish in a skip bin—we will ensure that all of your unwanted items or waste are disposed of ethically and in-line with local regulations.
  • Efficiency: Skips are designed to make disposal easy which means you can head outside and fill it up with ease. In turn, you will save untold time and effort—it might even make your spring cleaning duties more fun!
  • Cost: Skips are more cost-effective than you might think. In fact, by picking the right skip for your spring cleaning efforts, you will save on private van pickups or untold amounts of fuel driving back and forth to the local tip. At Just Skips, we live to offer our customers value and will always make sure you get a top value skip bin that suits your exact spring cleaning needs.

The dos & don’ts of using a skip bin for spring cleaning from Perth’s skip bin experts

For complete decluttering success, check out our practical guide complete with a spring cleaning checklist.

Now, to ensure you use your spring skip bin correctly and without hassle, here are a few dos and don’ts you should consider:


  • Choose the right sized skip bin for your needs
  • Book your Perth skip bin for the right length of time (we’re always very flexible with out customers)
  • Work one room at a time, placing your items or waste in the skip bin with care


  • Rush everything. Take your time and make sure you’re 100% happy with your efforts before moving to the next room or space
  • Put the wrong items or waste into your skip bin. This handy guide will tell you what you can and can’t put in your Perth skip bin
  • Hesitate to ask any questions before committing to your skip bin—as one of Perth’s trusted skip bin providers, we’re always on-hand to answer any questions, big or small.

The benefits of using Just Skips for your spring cleaning needs:

  • We have decades of skip bin experience in Western Australia
  • We boast hassle-free skip hire services six days a week
  • We are completely flexible and always work to meet the needs of our customers
  • We offer excellent value and our skip bin solutions are incredibly cost-effective

So, if you’re ready to take on the ultimate spring clean and you’re looking for a skip bin expert near you, call us on 08-9295-6677 or fill out the form for a fast free quote.