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The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Spring is in full swing—and that means it’s time for a good old sort out home.

In Perth and beyond, the big spring clean is a beloved ritual as it offers a chance to declutter the home, as well as the mind, and embrace those sunnier days with a tidy, organised, and spoteless new home.

As great as the big spring clean is, sometimes knowing where to start can feel impossible. But don’t sweat it—we’re going to tell you how to make your efforts a total success with our ultimate spring cleaning checklist.

But, first—some tips.

Unbundle your hoarding

When it comes to a neat and organised Perth home, space is important. Sometimes making extra space is easier said than done, but letting go of the things you don’t need will help you declutter your home, bigtime.

Ever wondered why you kept hold of that year-two maths exercise book, or that faded painting of the dogs playing polka? Don't. Not anymore. Be ruthless.

Go through every room, making a list of everything that is essential or important to you before going around and getting rid of everything that is surplus to requirement—a good skip might help you here.

Gather a cleaning kit

Once you’ve unbundled years of hoarding and decluttered your home, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get cleaning. But, first, you will have to assemble a cleaning kit that includes:

• Multi-purpose cleaner 

• Disinfectant wipes 

• A pair of rubber gloves

• Glass cleaner for shower screens and windows
• Carpet cleaner

• Microfiber cloths 

• A sponge

• A small duster or dusting glove

• A vacuum cleaner

Gather each of these items (excluding your vacuum cleaner, it won’t fit!), place them in a box or caddy, and you will be ready to make your home sparkle and shine.

Spring clean one room at a time

Rather than running back and forth between each room in your home, you should aim to work room by room, making sure the entire area is cleaned from top to bottom before moving onto the next. 

Doing so will ensure that you get all of those hard to reach places and don’t miss any spots which, in turn, will save you time and effort.

Your ultimate spring cleaning checklist

Now that you know what to do, here’s a checklist you can use to guide your efforts and enjoy complete spring cleaning  success:

• Make a list of the items you need and want to keep (for valid reasons in every room.

• Use your list to identify the items you don’t need and get rid of them, either in a skip, by selling them or by donating them.

• Carefully assemble your spring cleaning kit and charge up any electrical items you may be using to help you.

• Roll up those sleeves and start cleaning methodically, one room at a time. Work from top to bottom (dust and debris will fall to the floor—that’s gravity for you).

•  Pack your cleaning kit away and check back through every room to make sure you’re 100% happy. Go over any spots you’ve missed and dispose of any items you still feel are cluttering up your home.

We wish you the best of luck and if you need a study skip to help you with your spring cleaning efforts, we can help.

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