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Where Does My Skip Bin Rubbish Go?

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Have you ever wondered where all your household and commercial rubbish goes after being collected by the refuse removal company?

Even though you may be relieved that you don’t personally have to dispose of any unsightly rubbish, you might sometimes wonder where this rubbish is transported to next and what happens to it afterwards.

The good news is that bin collecting companies such as Just Skips WA dispose of unwanted rubbish safely and responsibly for environmentally-friendly activities.

Most of your discarded items can actually be plunged back for recycling and repurposing, and not all of it needs to make it to a landfill or that proverbial hole in the ground.

The size of your rented skip bin is relevant when it comes to sorting through the various items that have been disposed of. The facility that receives these materials will determine whether they can be rejected or recycled. All material that can be repurposed is salvaged and then reused elsewhere by society.

Materials that can be recycled or repurposed include glass, metal, paper and plastic amongst others. Once the receiving facility has sorted through these articles they receive from refuse removal companies such as Just Skips WA, they are sent to the next receiving facility to use in the manufacturing of items such as cardboard boxes and glassware to name a few. These recyclable items are referred to as green waste.

How Can I Play an Active Part in This Process?

Never underestimate the fact that every bit helps. You can assist by doing your bit for the environment by sorting your green waste from non-recyclable waste. This can be achieved by placing only the following items in your skip bin:

  • Construction materials - aluminium, bricks, metal, steel, etc.
  • Electronic appliances - radios, TVs, computers, and all other electrical household appliances.
  • General household items - books, toys and boxes.
  • Green waste - grass, tree stumps, branches and leaves.
  • Unwanted furniture - beds, chairs, lounges and office furniture.

Which Items Should Not be Placed in a Skip Bin?

When renting a skip bin from a refuse removal company such as Just Skips WA, you can play an active role in making Perth a more eco-friendly community by not placing the following items in your skip bin:

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Chemicals
  • Contaminated soil
  • Flammable materials
  • Food that has been discarded
  • Hazardous waste
  • Oils
  • Paints

It is also very important to note that the items on the list mentioned above could result in a penalty being received if it were to be disposed of in a skip bin. When you have these materials in your possession and seek a safe and responsible way of discarding it, it is recommended to contact your local municipality for best-practise guidance.

Alternatively, local skip bin renting companies will also be at your service to guide you in the right direction to avoid such penalties.

One such a company that serves the Perth, Australia region is Just Skips WA. They are standing by for friendly advice and expert opinion for our skip bin needs. Call 08-9295-6677 now or fill out their contact form today.