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How Long Should You Book Your Skip Bin For?

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Whether you’re a Perth homeowner looking to cleanse your home of useless items, you’re taking on a hefty DIY renovation or you’re a local contractor juggling multiple projects, skip bins are pretty handy, to say the least.

But, how long should you book your skip bin for?

Of course, the length of your arranged skip bin hire will depend on lots of different reasons, but to help guide you in the right direction, here are a few things to consider. 

Why do you need a skip bin?

When deciding on how long you will need to hire your skip bin for, it's important to stop and consider why you need it for a moment.

To get an at least roughly accurate idea of how long you’ll need your Perth skip bin for—and if you might need replacements to complete your task or project—thinking about your motivations for hire is advised.

Do you need your skip to get rid of old garden furniture or household items? Are you in the midst of a kitchen renovation? Are you doing up major parts of your house? Are you a professional contractor demolishing parts of a property and building an extension?

There are many reasons people hire skip bins. By thinking about the size, nature, and length of your project, as well as the purpose your skip will specifically serve, you will be able to estimate the length of time you might need the service.

To give you a gauge of what you can and can’t put in a skip, check out our practical dos and don’ts guide.

What type of Perth skip bin do you need?

Another aspect to consider when thinking about skip bin hire length is the type you will need.

Generally, skip bin sizes range from 2m³ (equivalent to eight standard wheelie bins or two standard 6x4 trailers) and 10m³ (equivalent to 40 standard wheelie bins or 10 standard 6x4 trailers).

By selecting the right type or size skip bin, you will ensure that you have enough space to meet your specific refuse needs. In turn, you’ll be able to estimate if you’ll need more than one and how long you’ll need to invest in skip bin hire.

To give you an even idea of what kind of bin you will need for the job, read our guide to choosing the best Perth skip size for your needs.

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