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The Ultimate Guide to Waste Disposal in Perth

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If you’re a Perth homeowner or business with a lot of waste, you know that your bins can quickly fill up. So, just what is the limit? And how do you get more? As we’ll see, local services have considerable restrictions (maybe you need a skip?):

If you’re a Perth resident, your rates include a fee that covers the collection of general waste and recycling. Some areas (currently Crawley and Nedlands) also receive a fortnightly green waste collection service. The total capacity is:

  • 240L General Waste (weekly),
  • 240L Recycling (weekly),
  • 240L Green Waste (Crawley and Nedlands only, fortnightly),

What Can You Put In Your General Waste and Recycling Bins?

Your council bins can only take certain types of waste:

General Waste – Your general waste bin CANNOT take hazardous household waste. This includes paint, chemicals, electronic waste, gas cylinders, construction waste, asbestos, vehicle parts, and more.
General Recycling – Your recycling waste bin can take plastic bottles (not lids), glass waste, paper & cardboard waste, and drinks cans. It CANNOT take anything non-recyclable, green waste, nappies, or food.
Green Waste – You can use your green waste for small branches, grass clippings, and other similarly-sized green waste. You CANNOT put general waste, food scraps, recyclable materials, or paper in it.

For a full list of what you can and cannot put in your bins, visit the City of Perth website.

Local waste disposal services are available from the City of Perth for businesses, with regular bins available from 120L up to 1100L. While useful, these services are cost-inefficient for large, one-off disposal; 1100L might sound like a lot, but it fills up fast.

Additionally, these bins can’t take hazardous waste, including construction waste, asbestos, gas cylinders, electronic waste, and chemicals, which makes it unsuitable for many businesses.

Need To Dispose Of More Waste? The local residential collections are useful for general waste but are limited in volume (240L), weight (each bin must weigh less than 75kg), and the types of waste it can carry (see above). For commercial outfits, local collections quickly become expensive and are an inefficient way of handling a large volume of short-term waste.

This makes local bins a poor option for waste from improvement projects, clear-outs, and intensive landscaping work. Your best option is to hire a skip from Just Skips WA:

  • Capacity up to 10,000L (far exceeding 250L for residential bins and max. 1100L for commercial bins).
  • Zero-hassle waste disposal saves you time.
  • Complete service – we take care of everything for you.
  • Safe, clean and environmentally-friendly option.
  • Highly-affordable with multiple skip sizes.
  • We can help you remove almost any waste*

*We can help with hazardous waste removal, including asbestos, tyres, and chemicals, but please call us first as our process for removing this waste is different from other types of waste.

Do you need a waste disposal or skip bin services? Contact us for your Free FAST Quote today.