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Every year, the average family in Australia produces rubbish approximately 2.25 kg of waste each per day. Australian threw away $2.9 billion of fresh food and produced an estimated 140,000 tons of e-waste per year, however, only 4% of it is recycled, and this is what makes our skip bins solutions genuinely essential to Perth homes and businesses. 

How it Works?

  • Contact us to request a quote.
  • Our customer support will then advise you on the size and grade of the bin you need.
  • We will set a schedule for when to drop and pick up your bins.
  • Send a follow-up call or message before the schedule of pick up.
  • Confirm if we have completed the project and ask for your feedback.

Why Hire Just Skips WA?

  • Safe and environmental-friendly waste disposal.
  • Get rid of rubbish without any hassle.
  • Keep clean and safe surroundings for your family and neighbourhood.
  • You don't need to pay extra to transport your disposal.
  • Our skips experts will take care of everything for you.

Please note, we're bound to making your life 10x easier and comfortable by providing you with the best skip bins services.

skip_bins_perthThings to Consider Before Hiring Skip Bin Specialists

Hiring skip bins experts are arguably one of the most convenient waste disposal methods in WA. Skip hire provides a wide range of services in removing waste and leaving your site clean during house renovation or a construction work through allowing bulky waste collection.

Skip hire is an effective way of dealing with illegal dumping and pollution. Below, we've listed five things you can consider before hiring skips experts.

1. Quality- hiring skips experts with a good reputation in terms of service and experience guarantees customer benefits. We thrive on providing the highest quality service and excellent customer support - all the time.

2. Credibility - Another factor for our company’s superb services is our credibility. As a 100% Australian-operated business, we know and understand the needs and expectations of the people in Western Australia when it comes to waste disposal, and rubbish removal.

3. A Range of Bin Sizes- considering the range of bin sizes a company offers is critical because it gives you the idea of whether or not a company can handle all your waste or not. We offer a wide range of skip bin sizes to guarantee flexibility according to our customer’s needs. We offer sizes from 2m³ to 10m³ available to both residential and commercial sites.

4. Affordability - we ensure cost-effective skip bin prices, and we are known to have been providing affordable, and zero hassle skip bin hire services all through the WA metro. We may offer cheap rates, but we make sure we do not compromise the quality of our skips services.

5. Types of Waste - before hiring skips experts, it is essential to consider the types of waste you want to get rid. Compliance to Australian Standards for safety and proper waste-management, we allow general waste from household, construction, and garden waste. Rubbish such as leaves, metal, bricks, tiles, and clippings are permitted. For hazardous chemicals, tyres, asbestos, and food - we require customers to call us so we can brief them on our process when removing these types of waste.

6. Safety & Cleanliness - safety and cleanliness are our top priorities. With our wide range of skips services from the North to South Perth, we can guarantee that our team of experts will handle your rubbish with ease - all the time.

Are you looking for skip bins near you? Check the areas we serviced!

As a company that you can rely on, we also provide expert advice and suggestions on how to maintain your work site clean without additional charges. Call us on 08-9295-6677 if you're ready to hire us.

Check our bin sizes guide!

Our skip bins are useful for:

  1. Home improvements
  2. Residential Projects
  3. Real Estate Projects
  4. Commercial Constructions
  5. Landscaping &
  6. Property Maintenance
  7. Industrial Projects
  8. Construction sites
  9. Debris Removal
  10. Small & Large Renovation Projects
  11. General Cleaning

What you CAN put in our skip bins:

• General Waste • Household Waste • Construction Waste • Garden Waste

• Leaves • Branches • Clippings • Wood • Gyprock

• Metal • Concrete • Bricks • Pavers • Soil • Tiles • Clippings

What you CAN'T put in our skip bins:

• Hazardous Chemicals • Tyres • Asbestos • Food

If you need an expert team to handle your waste and rubbish without any hassle – contact us today or phone us at 08-9295-6677.

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Just Skips WA are Perth’s choice for residential and commercial skip bin hire. We’re reliable, experienced and great value for money. Our skip bins enable you to quickly and easily rid yourself of the rubbish that has built up at your home, office, or worksite. 

Our end-to-end service means you can chuck your rubbish in the skip and then forget about it; we’ll do the rest. This reduces the risk to you and your family or employees and enables you to get on with your life with a clean site.

A skip bin is a perfect solution for a home renovation project, commercial renovations, construction site waste, debris removal, or landscape maintenance.

Steps When Hiring Skip Bins

It’s easy! There are six simple steps to your service:

Step 1 – Contact our team with some information on your needs.

Step 2 – We provide you with a quote for the size and grade of bin you’ll need.

Step 3 – We agree on a schedule for drop-off and pick-up that is convenient for you.

Step 4 – We drop off your skip bin as agreed, and you start filling it.

Step 5 – We pick up the bin (we’ll call beforehand to check you’re ready).

Step 6 – We follow-up to check you’re happy with our service and don’t need any more help.

If at any time during our service you need advice, we’re just a phone call away. 

Need a skip in a hurry? Contact us today for your no-hassle quick quote – it’s FREE!

What Size Skip Bin?

We’ll help you decide what size skip bin is right for you. Typically, homeowners performing minor renovations or landscaping prefer a smaller bin, while commercial and industrial applications require a larger size.

Our skip bins come in five sizes:

2m³ – Equivalent to eight wheelie bins or two 6x4 box trailers.

3m³ – Equivalent to twelve wheelie bins or three 6x4 box trailers.

4m³ – Equivalent to sixteen wheelie bins or four 6x4 box trailers.

6m³ – Equivalent to twenty-four wheelie bins or six 6x4 box trailers,

10m³ – Equivalent to forty wheelie bins or ten 6x4 box trailers  

What Makes Us Different

Satisfaction Guaranteed – We’re focused on providing our customers with the best possible service. Take a look at our testimonials to see how our customers have reviewed us!

Flexibility & Convenience – Not only do we have a wide range of skip bin sizes, but we also go out of our way to drop-off and pick-up our bins at a time which is suitable for you. Need something fast? We can’t help with that too – contact us today.

Waste Experts – We’re experts on waste management. By hiring us, you get access to our experienced team; we can help you dispose of your rubbish safely and legally.

Affordable Solutions – We deliver a low-cost, zero-hassle service to homes and businesses but despite our cheap rates, we don’t compromise our services.

Check Testimonials From Our Clients

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Name: James B.
Testimonials: "When I say they are the best skip bin business we have ever used that in an understatement. They have always been professional in every way including times when they have to make decisions based on a lack of info on our behalf but put the time in to do what's best for us not for them. Couldn't recommend them more"

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Why Choose Us


Over ten years’ experience in providing skips hire solutions throughout Western Australia.

Genuinely Care

We make sure we do our job with ease. We truly care and we highly value the safety of our customers, team, and surroundings.


We value your time, money and effort – before accepting any waste disposal job; we see to it that customers are transparent with all the dealings involve in our implementation.


We offer alternative solutions that work with our clients’ needs and preferences. We provide suggestions and advice if needed without asking for additional charges.

Cost Effective

Our bin hire solutions are cost-effective, safe, reliable, fast and flexible.

Zero Hassle

We provide zero-hassle skip hire services all throughout WA 7 days a week.